Visit Niquitao, a typical Andean village of the Trujillo region and get to know the local residents gathered in the tourism cooperative Estillajú that will show you around and make you discover the natural and cultural resources of their land.

They will propose you horseback riding and excursion routes or a tour through the village and its patrimonial resources in the framework of a sustainable and low impact tourism that respects environment and cultural identity: community-based tourism.

With community-based tourism, you will discover the region while enjoying authentic experiences, participating in the village’s development, the conservation of its heritage and of the environment. Your hosts and guides through your stay will be the residents of Niquitao, actors and beneficiaries of this new tourism modality.

You will stay in mucuposadas, traditional houses specially reconditioned to host you and inserted in network of tourism services created by the foundation Programa Andes Tropicales; you will enjoy typical Andean dishes, walk with local guides called baquianos that will show you the secret of their environment. You will appreciate the kindness and hospitality of the people, will know more about the history of Niquitao, the famous battle of Niquitao, its evolution and you will enjoy the numerous natural and cultural attractions. This is an unforgettable experience!

Niquitao is one of the most beautiful typical villages of the Andes of Venezuela. It was declared cultural heritage of Venezuela in 1995 and is one of the village chosen as one of the 2007 heritage and sustainable cities by the Venezuelan institute of cultural heritage.

“Niquitao is a peaceful village with kind and hospitable people. Our natural and cultural resources that we want to preserve are beautiful and numerous. We are authentic people and we want to share our values and an unforgettable experience with the visitors. We want a tourism activity that is suitable for our community and an alternative that enables us to be prouder of who we are.”
Battone Pujol, historian and landlord of the Mucuposada Musí

The inhabitants of Niquitao, a beautiful Andean typical village are waiting for you!

Niquitao, a beautiful Andean typical village
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